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August Update and Registered Member Privileges

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a while for updates and the such but to make up for that I’ve bring you a post!

So last you saw me I was working on the “Player Stats” page and I promise that is my next item to complete but I wanted to get some “Registered Member” perks implemented first because I love registered members more… (Lies love you all the same) and you may be wondering what I did for said peoples.

Well, if your registered and logged in.  The server status widget located on the right sidebar now allows those who are signed in to click on the player name and be redirected to the “Player Stats” page (I know I know working on that).  This should allow users to quickly access their stats while in game or for those lucky players in the Top 5 just click on their name.

Also a small image of their overall rank has been added and if you hover your mouse over the image just like on the “Kill Stats” page you will see a very brief summary of your overall Rank, Rating and Ranking.  Just remember overall Rank and Ranking are calculated based on experience earned in both TDM and DM servers.  (By the way, MURDERS are a bad thing for stats…)

And finally Miss Nub here almost breaks the width for the Top 5 Charts, we should all remind her that she is very very lucky!

That being said,

Shoot Ladybug regardless of what team your on and call her Nubs. 🙂