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Community Lock Down

We’ll if it wasn’t bad enough that we have to deal with COVID-19 (regardless of how you fell about it…) We’ve been dealing with a few little sh!t heads that just seem to want to watch BHD burn. As of today, our community will be trying something a little new.

As of today, we have Blocked the INTERNET! Sorta. We now require your IP to be whitelisted to join our server. We have taken the top 350 IP’s that have played at least 20 matches in our server in the last 4 months. Side note the top 50 IP’s clock between 150 up to 1405 matches (as of the release of this post) in the last 4 months.

To be specific, here were my criteria:

  • 20 matches from the same IP in the last 4 months.
  • IP is not currently banned in BMT.
  • IP is not considered a Proxy/VPN/Tor using the tool we use to check IPs.

That’s it. In fact, I stopped at 20 matches per IP, per player name because, most players who are regulars will be way above that and those below are either using random names when they come in (which bags the question why?) and or are really fresh to the game, or using an IP that has yet to be identified as a VPN and would never stay on the same IP on a given day.

Now there is a asterisk on that note. DSL/Dialup users we are very much aware that these users get a new IP every time they log in. This is due to the fact that, when they login they are assigned the first available IP that the ISP provider owns to that user. We have a couple ways to address this and we can discuss that during the vetting process.

Now for Vetting. First sign up to the site and validate account via email. There is a chance the email went to your spam/junk check there. Once logged in go to the forums and make a post in the forum for Vetting. Please be sure to copy the template and make a new post.

Also you can reach an admin via Teamspeak and we can begin the vetting process there and get you whitelisted.


Understand that we know that has instantly blocked many of you from accessing our server and want to stress this is not to prevent you from accessing but protect your game play once your vetted.



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