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Day One Results Are In!

For a Tuesday night, I’m proud to say it was a success. For a Tuesday night, we at one point had nearly 35 people in the server. Not one hacker, cheat, or blip during the game play. It was nice a nice feeling not even having to look at BMT and just play.

Now for those who just came in, we have decided to flip it around and rather than constantly trying to ban the hackers and worrying about a game crash or someone causing mass killings. We now are going to whitelist players who we trust (once, for most) and that be the end of it. We had a few people walk into TeamSpeak and request to be whitelisted, it was more of the odd ball regulars but for the 90% of it we got the majority of the regulars whitelisted.

Now before all that, understand those who have yet to be whitelisted, do not worry you are NOT banned. You just haven’t been placed on the whitelist yet. Stop by TeamSpeak and talk to a Admin or make a post in the Vetting Forum on the site. For those on DSL/Dialup and have rotating IP’s make sure you speak to Saka or QuickSlay and tell us that your IP rotates (most of you know who you are). We’ll do our best to make sure you don’t have to get whitelisted too often.

That being said, we have already been asked “What about new players?” and we are currently in the process of looking up a strategy of Vetting newer players but the short of it is for the next little while, we are going to look after us and the community we have right now. We want everyone to be able to play with out having to worry about hackers, flying and causing shit and crashing the server. While its inconvenient for players who pass by, it frustrating when for us when our home is constantly under assault and we just want to play.

Over the next week I’m going to be coding my ass off to make the whitelist process easier for admins and hopefully for you too. Please be patient with us as we adjust to this and if possible once again come visit us in Teamspeak.

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