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DDOS Attacker Have Fun!

Hey Everyone,

We've had someone lately attempting to slow down our system using Pinger.  Basically every time they "pinged" the server the server would reply with all our server info.

That contained, Server Name, Messages, Current Players and etc.  Now a couple of times is ok but one every second would slow us down considerably as the Game Server "BHD" itself is the one responding.  Now I blocked that, but it caused Pinger to just open new connections to the server and slow resources that ways.

We'll now I have solved that issue too...

Now the connection is accepted but going no where.  the 28 Bits are the ping in and the 0 is the out.  Basically it never touched our BHD server and it has connection to sit all by itself.

Remembering Fallen Soldiers
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DDOS Attacker Have Fun!
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