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HeartBeat Lobby Saka Edition

In recent weeks, a most have noticed that has been unresponsive as of late and some may fear that NovaHQ may be next.  These two sites are the go to servers for access to Games on Black Hawk Down without logging into Novaworld.

Now that's where HeartbeatDLL comes in.  It currently reporting to, NovaHQ and, but it also gives you the opportunity report your server information to your own lobby using the PHP template in the zip they provide.  It's not much to look at if you were to compare to NovaHQ and Novaworld CC.  Yet it too was still dependant on NovaHQ being up and running if you were to use it as a Lobby as the join link refers back to NovaHQ before launching the game.

I'd like to announce my version of the Lobby that NovaHQ started and I've changed to meet my needs and I'm offering it to the community.

You can access it here:

Instructions to use this site as your default lobby will be below but I'd like to go over it's features. On top of what was originally designed.

  • Based on HeartbeatDLL 1.0.9 Reporting Design
  • Based on Lobby Theme and NovaHQ's Join and More Info Design
  • Join links are created, on the web site hosting the Lobby and not NovaHQ.
  • Changed to allow multiple Game Servers (different secret keys) to point to the lobby.
  • Pinger like functionality! Create your own Lobby lists!


  • Any server reporting directly/reposting to the lobby, IP's updated automatically.
  • Don't have to install Pinger for custom lobby abilities.


  • Lobby list is not saved locally to game directory like Pinger.  It's a live web page and if it goes down the the Lobby will not load ( case and example)
  • If pings are enabled,  load times will be similar to Novaworld's lobby load times depending on the size of your custom list.  (I've set it so those who install it can disable pings and it will just generate the Join Links and that's it.

Future features will include:

  • Repost lobby information to other lobby
  • Restrict Direct and Repost Sources
  • Code cleaning... -.- yeah


Install/Implementation of New Lobby

Option 1:

  • Go to you game installation directory (where dfbhd.exe is).
  • Find the file, Startup.htm and open with Notepad (you may need to open Notepad as Administrator then open the file by browsing to it, to be able to save/edit the file.)
  • Find the following line:

<META http-equiv="refresh" CONTENT=2;URL="">

  • Replace it with this:

<META http-equiv="refresh" CONTENT=2;URL="">
<!-- <META http-equiv="refresh" CONTENT=2;URL=""> -->

The first line changes it, so it goes to our lobby instead of Novaworld and the second line is just a backup of the original in case you wanted to undo this in the end.

Option 2:

  • Download this zip file:
  • Extract it once downloaded and then take the Startup.htm file and replace it with the on in your Game Installation folder.

Squad Administrators

I plan to make this available to other squads to host and run once I get a couple future items done and clean up the code.  I definitely want to share this as this would definitely could be a solution if NovaHQ goes down and if never returns.

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