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I cant seem to ping or join the server

unsure what is going on but i cant get on the server i can see it listed and i can see people playing on but i cant get a response i cant join its like my ip is blocked was a banned ? like ip banned ? if so let me know and i wont be bugging you again.

I'm not going to lie, if you read this post.  Which is in the Notice... (Link Here) and it tells you why and what you need to do.

i used a vpn once i was unbanned its cool though take care RS

I don't think you actually read it... or you'd understand that we didn't ban you specifically... and that we have to whitelist your IP to gain access to our servers.

Hey pickleRick did you change to the new IP for the server port 17479 if you still having problems just let me know.. Oh give me your ip so i can fix this issue..


here is my app

What is your in-game player name:PickleRick
Have you played here before? Yes
Are you on DSL/Dialup, requiring you to login to the internet. Yes
Are you accessing this site on the same, network as you play the game? Yes
- If No to the answer do we have permission to email you with additional questions to the email address you registered with the site? (NA)
- If No would you be willing to speak with us on our Teamspeak channel to discuss further details and or vetting process? Yes

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