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Potential clan match?

Hey All.

How are you all? All well I hope.

I'm from an old BHD team, Aeon (`AE.) - we mostly play Warzone / Task Force Elite nowwa days but we're looking to maybe play a match on BHD for nostalgic reasons 🙂

We were wondering if you'd be interested in playing a clan match, flag ball/ctf maybe?

Aeon Headquaters (

if so, please add me on discord: wildwilly/#1450

or maybe on steam: Steam Community :: wildwilly/

Welcome Jordan,

We welcome the idea, it has been brought up before with other squads out there.   For the time being we'd like to welcome you to the server and your other team mates to play.  If they have any issues getting in let us know.  Obviously they can get in VIA Novaworld and if there are those who wish to login via Pinger we'll need to Whitelist their IP.

Once again welcome!

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