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Squad Verified Players Self-Whiteless Process

Hey Everyone!

I know this a long time coming but I figured I'd finally show a benefit of registering to the site!  Being able to actually Whitelist yourself and get on the Game Server.

So now available in the Dashboard to register site users that have been "Verified" or are "Squad Members", can now "Request Whitelist" of their IP, without Admin assistance.

At the top of the top of the Stats Dashboard, you'll see a button that look similar to this.  This button will display the "status" of your IP.  Be it a VPN Detection, Whitelisted or in this case, the ability to request whitelisting.  Currently this is only available to logged in users, Squad Members and Verified Users alike.

If you see this yellow button and you click it.  It will add you to the Whitelist database and you'll get a message saying this:

After that, refresh the page and your button should change to look like this:

Then all you have to do is wait for this timer to reach zero and start at 10 minute again, and you'll be good to join the server.

Hey, I tried to white list but got a message that I should contact admin via board...


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