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want to join server!!

What is your in-game player name: WARLOCK/warlock
Have you played here before? Yes
Are you on DSL/Dialup, requiring you to login to the internet. No(using 4g internet to play)
Are you accessing this site on the same, network as you play the game? Yes
- If No to the answer do we have permission to email you with additional questions to the email address you registered with the site? Yes
- If No would you be willing to speak with us on our Teamspeak channel to discuss further details and or vetting process? Yes

4G internet like a cell phone?  So your IP changes often.

I'm currently working on a process to allow vetted players to add themselves to the firewall.  In the mean time, if your able I suggest either loggin via Novaworld or visit us in Teamspeak and an admin can add you the day you come in.

yes, sim internet. i can send you my ip

Nope. Your good, I've just added you to the firewall.  If your IP changes significantly in the future just let me know.  But accessing the game server via pinger should work now (with in 10 minutes of this post).


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