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Web Site Registration Process

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to make sure everyone was up-to-date with the registration process.

Existing Users

First if you used to be a registered on the site try the forgot my password feature first!  The transition from the old phpBB to this, I was able to keep the usernames and that just not the passwords.  Just remember to check your "SPAM"/"JUNK" folder.

New Users

Once registered you will have 4 hours to activate your account.  You will receive two emails, one that "activates" your account, and then a second that will allow you to set your password. Once again remember to check your "SPAM"/"JUNK" folder.

Once registered, say hi in the forums.  I'll mark you as a "verified" player and you'll have greater access to the forum.

Squad Members

Send me a PM with your game name and I'll mark you as a squad member on the forum.


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