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Happy Birthday!

Wait… That’s Merry Christmas! Yeah I’m sure I just broke a copyright… Anyways….

You’ll notice that the stats are not accessible and the “server” status isn’t visible. I’ve gone and changed things again! Actually what’s happened is that I’ve re-coded the stats system due to some database wastage and some concerns over the stats doing some “double dipping”.

I’ll go into added features later but mean while understand the stats are still running in the background so for those stats maniacs there still going.

Moving into the new year we’ll be using the new database. The main feature is that the data entered into the database only gets entered once. Before everything was entered into the database at lease in three different tables now. One table for player stats and one for weapon stats.

I’ve also built into the awards and achievements, server, squad and player conditional filters. So for example we can make achievement available to squad members only.

As for 2018 stats. They will stop in 2019 and I will be importing them into the new database. This process will take a bit longer but don’t worry I’ll bring them back.


Admin RS-Saka