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Stats are back!

Back Streets Back Al-right! I mean, the stats are back!

Today, I’ve opened the stats page for everyone to see. While not as all informative as before at a glance. It’s been designed with mobile phones in mind and while there are a few CSS changes to be made for mobile viewers but all in all complete.

My next things to work on are as follows:

  • Player Page
  • Map Page
  • Squad Page

That being said, lets have some fun!


I’ve made a last minute change to the stats. So on the main stats page, I’ve set it so that it will only display the players that have played in the last 31 days. This does not mean that your stats are gone after 30 days, just that they will only show if your actively playing.

Also this does not effect monthly stats as the stats only pull that current months stats and if you played that month you’ll show.

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