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Stats! Out with Old and in with the New!

Happy New Years!

I’m glad to say that this year has been another great year for the squad and for everyone who passed our doors every night.   We’ve been blessed with amazing friends and “frenemies” over the last year.  So this year,  I’d like to reach out to everyone and wish new years!

Neos Chronos Upgrade

So as you may have notice the site has change a bit over the last month and I’ve been working on getting it up-to-date and most importantly less down time for the stats!  That being said,  I’m giving it upgrade.  So apart from making it just work and not die I’m reaching out to you people of the RS community what would you like to see in the updated version?  May be a new feature, or simple just a fresh look?  Head over to the Forums and let me know.

P.S.  Stats are going to be reset during the day of the 31st, so it can be fresh and ready for the New Year and for those wondering about the stats while the .com domain isn’t working, no worries it’s been running and still recording your stats this whole time with no down time.

Best Wishes RS!