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Hello Everyone,

In recent months we’ve seen an increase of players utilizing VPNs to get past bans and to play using methods not intented for the game. (AKA Hacks) While, we admit there are various reasons to use a VPN due to the nature of the internet and some internet providers and countries prevent access to content for not only streaming but gaming.

This coming Monday, it has been decided that we will be cracking down harder on users using VPNs to get around bans. Users playing using VPNs will be judged harder and if caught cheating will be banned with no chance of appeal.

Also to note, we will also be blocking all ip addresses coming out of China. This is due to an increase of players using China VPNs to get around the bans and have been banned.

Not this will not be a Game Console ban but a block on any incoming connections to the server itself coming from China.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact an Admin with your comment or question.

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